Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meet Liesan from Ignisfatuus

1. Please introduce us to who you are.
Hello, my name is Liesan from Ignisfatuus, I am a 30 year old woman and I spend most of my time trying to become a decent bookbinder, mostly by teaching myself but I'm thinking of attending a two year course in September so I get some formal education in traditional techniques. I have a deep passion for paper, it has a magical quality to me that no other material in this world can claim, so I play with it, a lot! Besides that I sometimes serve as a substitute teacher (which I thoroughly dislike at the moment) in Dutch, English and homework classes. My Lover and I play GildWars and watch silly SF series together and I love to read and write and listen to audio books when I'm busy crafting.
Some of the fruits of my labour I try to sell on-line, besides my own things I also sell things my grandmother makes. If I wouldn't we would both drown in our own creations :).

2. Where in the world are you and what is the best thing about where you live?
I live in Nieuwegein, a place near Utrecht in The Netherlands. The best thing about Nieuwegein is how close it is to Utrecht. Besides that there is nothing of any interest here. Utrecht has all the nice little stores and worthwhile museums.
Living in The Netherlands isn't really that special to me, it just happens to be the place where I am.

3. Tell us a little about your craft and why you love it.
I attended a so called 'waldorf-style' school when I was younger. If you have no idea what that is you can look it up or send me a private message.
But anyway, this meant that there wore lots and lots and lots of arts and crafts lessons from kindergarten up to final year of college, and thus it came to be we got bookbinding classes. At the time I didn't really think much of it, I liked it well enough but there was no instant passion. But it just stuck with me somehow, like a little friendly virus working it's way into my system and suddenly, almost 10 years later I just had to pick it up again. And so I did.
It is hard for me to explain why bookbinding is so dear to me, the best I can say is that it somehow feels so completely 'right' when I sit at my table playing with binders board, paper, thread, fabric etc... There is nothing in this world that makes me more happy (ok well maybe there is some competition from Lover).

4. What is the most expensive supply you have purchased for your craft?
The supplies I buy are quite evenly priced so I'm going to stretch it to tools.
The most expensive tool I bought myself was a cast iron book-press, it is second (or third or fourth) hand but looks as good as new. It has been the best 75 euros I ever spend. The most expensive tool that was bought for my craft was a brand new table top board shear, I got it from my ex-boyfriend (when we were still together of course) and he paid 300 euros for it.
Immediately afterwards I felt guilty about letting him buy something for me that cost that much (I'm not good at accepting expensive gifts) but I am to this day very grateful for it because I have no idea how I would even make books without it.

5. Could you please tell us about a person in your life that has inspired you?
In my pursuit of crafts in general I think I instinctively take after my grandmother and that is about as close to an inspiration as anyone gets, bookbinding (and all crafting) for me is very much about following my own lead, I have no examples or inspirations to look at.

6. If there was only 24 hours left before the world ended what would you be doing?
I don't know, probably not crafting ;). It sort of depends on the situation the world would be in that last 24 hours but I think I would ultimately want to spend most of them with Lover, doing nothing special, maybe even fall asleep in his arms and not experience the end consciously.

7. What is your favourite meal?
Nothing in particular. I like food that is so hot and spicy that I tear up eating it.


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Spotted Sparrow said...

Nice to meet you, Liesan. We're almost neighbors (I'm in Aachen). ;) Your books are gorgeous!

Liesan said...

Thank you :)

Erin said...

Book press?! Awesome investment. take the course!!!! so everyone can see your masterpieces. Book making sounds like a very romantic artistic career.

Fru Babsan said...

I LOVE your little dolls with the fly agaric (yep, looked it up!) hats. And your books are amazing.