Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello Europe!

Hi everyone :-) I am new to blogging, so please be patient with me. I know, I know, unusual these days. Well, and actually I am pretty new to ArtFire as well. I wanted to be a jewelry maker forever and finally found my way there after trying all kinds of crafts (that won't be forgotten, though). The crochet hook and the wire got me hooked, but what also kept me going and led me here was to be able to share a love of handmade pieces of all kinds. On this first visit of mine I'd like to present you just a few.

EllaOsix has this bag in her studio. Boy, do 70s memories come back here. Seeing a flower like this draws me right back into my childhood. I am glad photos of that time are hidden well in the vault ;-) Still I loved the 70s and I bet a lot of people out there did, too. We were too young to be hippies, but we had our own style - which is back.

Don't you just love hedgehogs? Actually they can be very loud. This little fellow is sure not to be loud, but he is so cute. So is the ladybug on the leaf hoping he won't be mistaken for a juicy snail. I love the details on this piece from Cherrytree.

Ok, ok, I admit it - I am crazy for animals. I am a crazy cat lady you might say, but all animals are precious to me, that is one reason why I picked this hare card. Look at the shop of JennyKarlssonDesign and you will find this little guy, on one side at night, on the other by day. The perfect little scribble book for jotting down some creative ideas or the phone number of a gorgeous guy ;-)

This is my last piece for today, made by your humble at-the-moment-blogger. I crocheted these ice flowers to chase the winter off, using the "colors" silver, clear and light blue. It worked halfway, at least it stopped snow raining here. I miss the spring by now, so the next time I hope to have some spring reminding pictures for you.

I wish you all a great week, stay safe and take care! :-)
Cat from CatsWire


Autonomous Artisans said...

Great choice Cat. Cherrytree's hedgehog is adorable and I love the colours of Ella's bag. Jenny's rabbit is so atmospheric, I like the feeling of dawn rising. Your earrings are very pretty too!

Fabulous first blog!

Moonstone said...

Lovely items . I love the hedgehog...they are such cute animals. We have them in out garden , sometimes up to 22 in one evening . We feed the all summer :)