Thursday, April 2, 2009

I wish I could make something like that!

Often as you go through the Artfire galleries you come across a piece that is just so cute, or fun, or clever or just so beautifully made that you say "I wish I could make something like that"

However not all of us can be jewelry makers or spinners or dyers or the host of other specialist skills that are so well represented on Artfire. That's why we have the chance to buy amazing handmade products at very reasonable prices. The thing I love is that you can even see how much time an artisan has put into their piece. Some things, at first glance, may seem expensive but once you realize how much time, skill and thought goes into each item, you see that the prices are really fabulous.

This is my choice for today (I love so many pieces that it is so hard to choose)

Look at this amazing pink flower edging necklace from Babsbeadsanddesign from Sweden. Superb work. Look at all the swirly colours inside the main bicone and those adorable flowers. I think this would go with anything from casual to very formal wear indeed! Most important these days where money is tight is making sure that we spend what we have on high quality goods that are going to last and give real wearability.
So what would it take to make something like this? Well, your own kiln for a start; and that's a big investment, then all kinds of supplies and suppliers. Also a few years of experimentation and practice mixed in with the patience of a saint to hone your skills to make raw materials into a piece of art and beauty!

You really need to take a look at the list of shops on the right hand side of this page. You will find something in each gallery of high quality that will make you say "I wish I could make something like that!"


Cat said...

Very well put and you used a beautiful example for what you say! :-)

ali bali jewellery said...

Great article, I think it's important to recognise the investment in handmade, in terms of years of skills and expertise, plus the financial commitment!

Beautiful lampwork!

Moonstone said...

I really wish I could do that ..looks amazing !!!

LeelaBijou said...

Absolutely beautiful work!

Fru Babsan said...

I'm blushing! Thankyou so much for thispost. It fells like someone understands! :) And I'm really glad you like my bead.

neki desu said...

beautiful work and beautifully described !

neki desu