Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My choice of European handmade goodies!

I would just like to share with you all a few of my favourite goods from my fellow European Guild members on Artfire. I've been on Artfire for a few months and have seen so many gorgeous goods it's hard to narrow it down to just four, but if I shared all of the things I loved today this blog post would be a mile long. I'll be coming back regularly to share a few more each time. So, first up...

I don't know how anyone could resist this uber cute felt polar bear from Ignis Fatuus. I like his little stubby tail and the fact he is free standing. He could happily stand on a bookshelf keeping an eye on passers by.

If you like me love glass handmade glass beads Luccicare's shop is a good one to visit. It is chock full of beautiful work. I picked this one to show you because of the rich purple shades and swirls of different translucency in the glass. I think it is gorgeous.

Knitting Pixie not only makes cosy little pixie cardigans for these little imps in your life she also makes lovely handmade cards like the one above. I just love his googly eyes. I think anyone receiving one of these cards is sure to spend the day with a huge smile on their face.

As I'm showing the love today I thought this enamelled copper pendant necklace from Paintbox Crafts would be a great finishing article to show you. It's simple yet stylish and I think it perfectly symbolizes the love I have for handmade goods.

If you wish to go directly to any of the goods featured, click on the photo and you will be whisked to where they are.

Written by Lynne from the PiratePixieCrew

Designer Rosary Beads, Handknotted Pearls

Some aspects of jewellery making are especially soothing. Chief among the soothing activities for me are handknotting pearls and handchaining rosary beads.

Once the gorgeous clasps or crucifixes have been chosen, the special pearls or stones selected and cleared, the silk or silver wire and chain laid out, there comes the almost mesmeric, meditative task of creating knots or links between the individual beads. One's breathing slows and calms with the rhythmic, repetitive work, while glorying in the wonderful textures and colours of the beads or pearls under one's fingers. What more could one ask for after the stresses of the day?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Decorative Sculptural Ball

This ball is made up of the caps of acorns. I find their shape totally fascinating and I've tried to challenge the viewer by painting them. This one is painted in a gorgeous deep blood red. It somehow alters their meaning and makes this more like a piece of art. It's organic form would look great in any decor.

The ball measures 8cms (3 1/8").

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Welcome fellow European Artists on Artfire I guess we can call ourselves EAA for short.

First of all I am glad to see new Europeans coming on to AF daily, that's good for all of us. The more of us there are the more of a voice we will have with the folks in Tuscon. All of you must know somebody else that is a fellow EA encourage them to join the community.

I understand the language barrier sometimes stops people from getting involved in a English language site. However I for one am available to assist in writing descriptions for any EAA anytime. Just send me a message on AF.

And if anybody can come up with any suggestions on how to get more EA's please feel free to blog that here.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family !

I've "handmade" this mini-album for those of you who enjoy cute and small and family!!
Lovely for pictures and notes...for your self or as a gift

Welcome Europe !

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