Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet Liron of Ben-David's Art studio

1. Please introduce us to who you are.
My name is Liron, I'm 21 years old and from Israel, aka "The Holy Land". In the day to day business I'm a Computer IT PC technician, learning for several certifications and running also the family business which is our Art Studio. Almost ever since I remember myself I've always made some kind of craft. Painting, Wood burning, Soldering, Polymer Clay,Sculpting, Mosaic, etc..

Recently we've moved to a small town called Giv'at Avni on the shores of the Galilee sea (near the ancient city of Tiberius).While building our new family studio and reassembling everything we (unfortunately) acknowledged that we must say goodbye to many of our beloved art works (it seems that 20 years is enough time to make lots of art work!).

2. Where in the world are you and what is the best thing about where you live?
I'm from Israel. This is really a unique place as from one side it's pretty modern hi-tech country and from the other side you still get to see authentic cultures, for example you can meet here Jewish from all over the world, Arabs, Christians, Moslem, Armenians, Bahá'í , etc... Other than that it's very small country but you get to see here mountains with snow, big lakes, sea, mountains, desert, valleys, forests and more! And most of all it's home.

3. Tell us a little about your craft and why you love it.
I'm a PC IT Technician as I've said but at our studio I do almost any type of craft. Depends on the mood and inspiration. The thing that most of all inspire me when I craft an art work is the fact that I'm going to create from simple materials something that will last for many many years, make people who watch it say "WOW" and most of all getting that little good feeling of taking one step backward... looking at the creation and saying : "I did it..."

4. What is the most expensive supply you have purchased for your craft?
A PC, made from wood a case for a 2000$ pc (at the time). Try to Google "moding" for more information.

5. Could you please tell us about a person in your life that has inspired you?
in 5 words: Nice, Polite, Professional, Responsible, Creative.

6. If there was only 24 hours left before the world ended what would you be doing?
I would smash my cell phone of course!

7. What is your favourite meal?
Mom's Food. Bet it yours too.

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Cat said...

How unique and unusual ... very exciting pieces :-)

BrigaBauble said...

Wow, these pieces are incredible!