Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green thoughts

The blue sky is out there alright and on the way to the outdoor flea market the first flowers were waving at us. Should it be true, is spring really around the corner? Everywhere you hear people talk about it longingly. Maybe some green thoughts will help to lure it out of its hiding place? Accidentally I found some in my bag and I would like to share them with you ;-)

Brought to you by paintboxcrafts from England - flowers on lime green enamel. What a happy design!

BabsBeadsandDesign is thinking of flowers, too. "Meadow" this glass bead is called and it revives memories of lying in the grass, surrounded by flowers, letting your mind wander. Spring theme indeed ...

Fresh and shimmering greens are also presented by Gwendoline in a very unique way through this lampwork beads.

But of course not only jewelry can give us green thoughts. How about going for a walk with a green bag like the one from JennyKarlssonDesign?

And last, but not least ... take this thought in green (or any other color) with you. Although the message initially was to be posted in times of crisis, it's a message that is timeless. You find it in artistico's shop.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on this station, may they be green, red, wired, woolly, large or small ... with European artists I bet you are always in for a pleasant surprise!

Cat from CatsWire

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