Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wish I could do that

One thing I've always wanted to do is create these incredibly detailed tiny fairy and mermaid dolls out of polymer clay.
The artists that make them take hours of concentration and skill to perfect them. But for a beginner wanting to start; a good place to visit would be Fairy Heaven run by Satsumamoon on Artfire.
Not only does she offer books and tutorials on these closely guarded secrets, but she has a whole range of supplies too. Here you will find alsorts of amazing things from the polymer clay itself to a full range of tiny doll eyes in a choice of 34 colours to these amazing real butterfly wings specially treated so that they can be wired and attatched to your little creation.

To use her own words...
Preparing the wings is a very delicate, painstaking and time consuming process, during which 5 out of 10 pairs dont survive :-( I have spent about 2 years trying out lots of different combinations of artist products suitable for stabilising and protecting the wings These prepared wings have been sitting out their test period for over a year now so you can be sure they will last you and wont go disintegrate and become tacky. Some of my other butterfly wing experiments have ! ************ You may like to know that either the butterflies' bodies or antennae were broken and so were rescued from going in the collectors trash and given a new lease of life!
Where else could you get such specialised tools and supplies? Well worth the visit.


Jenny said...

great tip! I am always so amazed about how people can make things like that!

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Mary V said...

Thank you for writing this lovely piece! You have me wishing too... Well done.