Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craft TIP: Bringing out detail without danger

Do you have, or make, pieces of silver jewellery where you would like to bring out the detail a bit more by a process known as oxidising? Did you realise that you don't have to get involved with the rather dangerous messy smelly substance known as 'liver of sulphur'? How would you like to be able to oxidise your silver so safely that you can even eat the oxidising material afterwards?

I find the following process really handy when needing to oxidise small amounts of silver:

1. Take your silver with the detail to be highlighted. Here I have taken a few silver tags on which I have stamped my logo.

2. Take an egg you have just hardboiled and while it is still warm, cut it in half and place in a container you can cover with a lid, along with your silver pieces:

3. Cover the container to prevent the egg's natural sulphur fumes from escaping:

4. Use silver polish or a silver polishing cloth to remove the surface oxidation, leaving the grooves coloured and highlighted. I like my tags at this stage, not too dark; they spent just 40 minutes in the egg container:

The tag seen in use: I enjoyed the hard-boiled egg!


Moonstone said...

I had heard about using an egg but never seen it explained !! great tip !! such fun to get a look behind the scenes ...and an appropriate topic for this Easter season...eggs !!

Mary V said...

Thank you, Moonstone! Now, why didn't I make the connection with Easter eggs...!!

Cat said...

I had been told about this a few days ago and tried it on copper, I was amazed by the results. Especially because I am afraid of chemicals.
Those tags are cute, what a great idea! :-)

The Sheriff's Daughter said...

This sounds much better than nasty chemicals...I'll be having a go later. Thanks!

neki desu said...

great,great tip!
i'll try it on copper

neki desu

Silver Soul Design said...

I had heard about this but I was told that the egg needed to be smashed up and the metal put in amongst it which sort of precludes eating the egg afterwards!

Your way is much better! :)

Gillian said...

Wow - amazing eco-friendly crafting!