Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things that inspire me: My garden

Where do you find your inspiration for creating?
Of course, it's seldom just one thing that gives you that creative energy, but a lot of pieces put together. But som pieces are definitley larger than others!

For me, the nature and my garden are among the largest pieces. Right now my garden has flowers everywhere, it seems. And I wish I could send some of their wonderful fragrance through internet to your place. But I can't. So you'll just have to settle with some pictures. Hope you can find some inspiration in them!

Peones in different levels of decay
See those lovely pinks? How they go from fuchsia to bubblegum?

These are originally dark pink, almost purple. But some has mutaded or something and now shows off a wonderful palette of pinks and white.

Busy Lizzie.
Hard to believe this one's for real. Like "polkagris"
(a sweet I think is called Pig mint in english).

The honey rose.
Look at those flowers! The buds are butter yellow and as the flowers open up
and send their wonderful rose scent all over the garden,
they slowly turn paler and paler and finally they are white.

The Paeonia x festiva with its wonderful fragrance in front and
the honey rose climbing upp the porch in the back.
Talk about concentrated beauty and perfume!
In a week or two the flowers will be gone, but what lovely weeks!


Liesan said...

You have some amazing flowers there

Cat said...

That is beautiful and what a great inspiration! :-D

Mary V said...

I'm very tempted to go try to make a necklace based on those poenies! A great read.
Mary V. xxx