Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Europe Trivia - Wedding Traditions

I thought that it would be interesting to look at some of the traditions and myths surrounding weddings - these certainly relate to my country, Scotland, and the U.K. as a whole, and I would be interested to hear if they are the same across Europe.

Flower Girls Greeting Card by The Spotted Sparrow - This would be a lovely Invitation or Thank You card. Just remember to include a coin if the gift was of a knife or knives, so that the friendship is not cut!

Everyone knows the rhyme :-
"Something borrowed;
Something blue;
Something old; and
Something new." - Traditionally, the Bride is meant to wear one of each for good luck.

Blue Briolettes by Leela Bijou - for that touch of glamorous blue every Bride needs.

The bride should not make her own wedding dress, as for every stich that she sews, she'll shed one tear during her marriage. It is also unlucky for the Groom to see the dress before the wedding ceremony itself . As to the colour of the dress :-

Married in White - You have chosen right.
Married in Blue - your lover is true.
Married in Pink - your fortunes will sink.
Married in Green - you will not long be seen.
Married in Red - you'll wish you were dead.
Married in Yellow - ashamed of the fellow.
Married in Brown -you'll live out of town.
Married in Gray -you'll live far away.
Married in Black - you'll wish you were back.

I married in ivory which does not appear on the list, so I'm counting that as "white" - it'll be twenty years this December...yes, I was a child bride!

White Coptic Bound Journal by Ignis Fatuus - for writing down thoughts and memories - or why not have all your guests sign it as a memento of your day?

To some, pearls represent future tears and are a bad sign for the couple, but to others, the wearing of pearls take the place of the Bride's tears, leaving her with a happy, tear-free wedded life.

Precious Pearls by Silver Soul Design - I think this would be beautiful on a Bride for a tear-free marriage!

The wedding ring is considered sacred and should not be lent to others to try on, as this is certain to bring bad luck - even the possibility of unfaithfulness. It is a symbol of the never-ending circle of love between the couple. If ever the wedding ring is removed by a Bride it must be her Groom who returns it to her finger to continue the good luck.

Beer Soap by Saffron Barr - The Groom will want to smell his manly best for the love of his life!

The Bride should not sign her new married name before the Wedding as this tempts fate.

Where there is love...a bonny bag by Jenny Karlsson Design. I think this would be pefect for taking to a Wedding.

Traditionally, it is lucky for a Bride to meet a lamb, a dove, a spider or a black cat on her way to the church, but a pig or a funeral are bad omens. It is also said to be lucky for the Bride to see a policeman, doctor, clergyman or a blind man. The Groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his journey to the church for good luck.

Swirling Water Silver Cufflinks by Ali Bali Jewellery - A perfect present for the Groom or Best Man.

Evening Shawl by Loopy Loo - for a fabulous cover-up when things get a little cooler in the evening.

This is just a brief round-up of some of the many traditions and superstitions surrounding Weddings here - together with some ideas for fabulous gifts and ideas for Weddings. You will find the Studios of our members bursting at the seams with many come and have a look!


Fru Babsan said...

I had not heard of the "meet a spider and give a coing on the journey" stuff. I did know it was concidered bad luck to meet a funeral, though.

In Sweden it's allowed for the man an woamn to meet the night before the wedding. Wich is good as we commonly live together allready!

And the father does not walk the bride up the isle in swedish tradition.

The bride should have a coin in her shoe or sewn into the hem of the dress though. For wealth.

Cat said...

This was really fun and I didn't know half of it!!
I married in black and now I wonder what exactly means "You'll wish you were back"?

Eddy G. said...

As the Welsh men generally worked down the mines very long hours; it was common for young couples to do their courting in bed! They would spend four nights together in the same bed but with a bolster cushion running down the middle to ensure no before-the-weddng shinanigans.

Silver Soul Design said...

I'd heard of some of these traditions but not the different colour wedding dresses! My dress was ivory too and our 31st anniversary is in August so it must be a lucky color. :)
...and yes I was also a child bride! ;)

Mary V said...

As well as a very entertaining piece of writing, you have chosen a generous and really lovely selection of items from the studios. Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece!