Friday, July 17, 2009

Newly listed feelgood items

Sometimes, it can be great just to find some items that make you feel good. Just that little personal treat to help you stand up to these tough times.
How about this amazing necklace by Silver soul Design. it's called midsummer flowers and is just breathtaking; perfect for any special occasion

How about something that is cute and also practical? This lovely little purse by Materialised is called "by Moonlight" It's luxury abound with velvet, faux suede and sequins

Then there is a great tote bag that will cheer you up wherever you go. What a great saying; makes me smile. Jenny Karlsson has done it again with another instant classic. "Sanity Calms - but madness is more interesting" a solid dependable bag with real embroidery.

...and finally, we have this wonderful fluffy scarf, handknitted by loopylou in a most glamorous pink. Ladies scarf is just one of the many, many, adorable products you can find that will make you feel like a princess; and we all need a bit of that now and then don't we?
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Cat said...

I love Jenny's tote. Cheers to madness! *lol*

Silver Soul Design said...

Thanks for including me in such a lovely collection!

Julia said...

I'm delighted you included my purse in such a feelgood post :-)