Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Things" that inspire me - my cats

Actually it's not inspiring things I want to talk about, but my cats. They are omnipresent in my life. Even if I wasn't allowed to have one as a child, I still could play with the ones at the farm that belonged to my godmother's parents.
My full first name includes the word "cat" which made it easy to choose the name for my studio. My friends from the US who had problems with pronouncing my first name (no idea why) always called me Cat.
And suddenly the furry kind was in our life and there to stay.
Recently there are five of them in my cat crew:

Gandalf (easy to see where that name came from!). Quiet and shy.

Mephista. Small and lovable.

Greebo. Actually not as monster-like as in this picture, but I like his yellow eyes here ;-)

Ponder. Crazy, wild and extreme in everything he does, may it be fighting or cuddling.

Esme. Almost as extreme as her brother Ponder, but she hasn't got "the howl".

Looking at them inspired me to start my kitty line in a moment of whim, a line of wire crochet earrings and pendants.
Each of my cats has a very different face and so do my crochet kitties, depending on choice of hook, wire, beads for eyes and nose, the ways the ears are put on.
A special thanks goes to Merlin, he is no longer with us. He had the big male cat head that I love best in my pendants.

Thanks for taking the time to stroll through my feline world with me :-)

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Miss 376 said...

i love cats. They all have their own personalities

Erin said...

What's this full name folks have a hard time pronouncing?

Silver Soul Design said...

They are all gorgeous! I just have one, looks a little like Ponder or Esme but is a semi long haired! At the moment she is looking at this over my shoulder from her bed on top of the filing cabinet behind my desk! :)

Cat said...

It's Catrin, Erin ;-) But Germans speak the a like in "but" here and the Americans couldn't do it and also couldn't get used to the fact there was no h in there. As I said, no idea why it should be so difficult *lol*

Clarity said...

Dear Tracy,

When you wrote "May love be your dwelling place" in the comments.... so deeply moved. I agree with everything you said, the part which I must admit I haven't explored, "loving oneself", for me when I grew content with myself I became happy. Truly don't know what it is to love myself though. Long comment! Maybe it felt conceited inside so I avoided it. I would love it if you could share what that means some time, either in a post or other mode of communication. Thanks again for sharing and your cats are adorable, always was a cat person myself.

Cat said...

Dear Clarity, I think something got mixed up here. Probably one of our guild members commented on your post and I'll hope she'll read your comment here and get back to you.

Thanks for your comment about my cats, I think the same, but of course I am being partial ;-)