Friday, May 1, 2009

New on ArtFire: May Day

May Day originated as a pagan holiday, celebrated as Beltane in Celtic regions and Walpurgis Night in Germanic regions. It was a festival to mark the end of Winter and the fertility of Spring. The remnants of these traditional celebrations are still practiced in many European countries - May Boughs, May Trees and May Poles. Here are some listings I found that remind me of May Day and what it stands for.

little flowers - the sheriff's daughter

little felt sheep - ignis fatuus

flower brooch - jenny karlsson designs


Mary V said...

In the Irish language, May is still called 'Bealtaine', it is pronounced something like 'Bal-thin-ye'.

what an appropriate post for the day that is in it!

Mary V. xxx

Moonstone said...

Little lambs are always a sure sign !! I just love to watch them on their first day out !

The Sheriff's Daughter said...

Spring has sprung! Love the lamb-kins and the wooly flowers. Thank you for featuring my little offering too.
It's been a long time since I was up on Calton Hill for Beltane - ah, those heady days of misspent youth!